My week in review

To give you all context, this week was thrown out of whack by a minor disaster eight days back.

  • On July 18th, we were all ready to go see a movie with friends. We stopped for drinks first. Friends ordered food, went to bathroom after, and one friend collapsed in the bathroom. Evening ended with friend in Intensive Care on a respirator, unconscious.
  • The next few days were spent with my friend/hospitalized friend’s wife. She’s deaf in one ear and he was sent to the public hospital because the ER team felt it best for his condition. Turns out he went into anaphylaxis. No effort was made to educate him about his allergies.
  • My friend was released on Wednesday afternoon. Complaining from Mike about my not being home. Complaining met with not obscenity but with similar words that were much deserved. On the same day, I attempted to bring my friend to Como Conservatory since his oxygen levels were low but stable. This did not work as intended – the bright sun triggered some wacky, humidifying antics in the fern room. I parked him in the area between the zoo and the conservatory, and I wandered around awhile. I have pictures. You’ll probably see them on here eventually.
  • Play date with Joel on Thursday. We watched True Blood and I told him about my week.
  • Friday we were supposed to go to a Twins game, but I was breaking out myself (oh JOY) and the humidity was godawful.
  • Saturday was the Doctor Who meetup. There’s some – hopefully resolvable – weirdness.

But the basics of all this is that I haven’t done a lot of intentional writing. I’ve done my morning pages (mostly) and I did get my most recent Llewellyn article in first draft. While we keep trying to reschedule the movie, at the rate we’re going if we try to get the same group together the movie will have left theaters. So I’m off to see the Sorceror’s Apprentice today, and here’s to a week of getting back on track, my garden in order and my writing underway.

As it is, my garden needs my attention, my blogs need my attention… and dammit, I need my attention.