My writing to-do, and a sort of roundup of what’s up this month

I know, a lot of you have heard/read this before. For the few of you that haven’t…

In progress: The Spellcasting Picture Book (I know, I know, you’ve heard this quite often) is now available in print over at If you have a blog – and can send me the link to it – I will be glad to supply you a review copy on the condition that you review the book, with a link back to one of the places a person can obtain it. You can comment here or go through the website contact form. I would also be happy to send a review copy to any metaphysical shops that carry books. I am in the process of contacting as many shops and magazines as I can manage. Why? Because these days, that’s what a writer’s gotta do. I’m also exploring Smashwords, as I believe they may have a fairly friendly setup for bookstores and distributors. I’m new at this, so if you’re an old hat who is finding my stumbling interesting and you know something that could keep me from bumping into a wall or taking out the antique furniture, do be a dear and tell me.

For the grand list of places to get it:

In Print

In Electronic

Further To-do and Ta-da

  • PNC-Minnesota ran my piece on a festival that was caught in a flash flood, that also got picked up on the Wild Hunt. I’m glad that those involved are all OK. It has also led me to think further about the differences between news, public relations, and community sharing. It seems that PR and Community work is about the future, while news is about preserving the past so that we have lessons to draw upon later. I have another interview/piece pending, so I’m making time to follow up with that this week.
  • I have four books to review for Facing North. For those who are unfamiliar, Facing North is a large and growing repository of metaphysical book, card, music and festival reviews. Not only is it useful to people who read heavily (most Pagans) but for those of us who write in the metaphysical field, it’s becoming incredibly useful for market research. The books on deck: the Un-Spell Book by Mya Om, the Witch’s Bag of Tricks by Melanie Marquis, Bridging the Gap: Working Within the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Society by Crystal Blanton, and Trigger Point Therapy by Donna Finando.
  • Divorcing a Real Witch is in its rewrite phase. I’m always leery of making specific time goals on a work, because feeling rushed causes me to reduce quality. It’s coming. It’s shaping up at this point to be about 60,000 words, give or take, and I have yet to start the online documentary part of the work. It’s already been turned down by an agent, but that’s one agent… who left the field shortly after the rejection. I am also reworking the book proposal, and looking closely at prospective publishers. The reason that I’m hesitant to bring this to a publisher before I do an agent is because, while an agent also expects you to have a marketing plan, it seems like publisher’s demand for an author’s marketing plan is daunting to the point of ridiculous for a first-time book author. The field is messy right now, and the players are changing. Writing metaphysical/mind/body/spirit books has always run counter to what the traditional market does in certain ways, but is just as much subject to the same rules as all other books in other ways. I may be working in a mudslide right now, but the ground is still there somewhere. Part of the reason I’m expending so much energy on the SPB is in preparation for this book: with Borders now out of the picture for market possibilities, I may just need to handsell it. I’d like to have those resources prepared when the time comes.

Other stuff:

Mike and I are planning to go to Paris in September. We’ve been taking beginning French classes, which now has me even more terrified to try speaking with real French people. We haven’t found a hotel, but tickets are booked.  Aside from the tourist stuff, I have no specific plans. If I can find an occult shop, a Daria fan, or places that sell plus-sized clothes, awesome. I won’t have time to go to Grasse, and I’m just not as fascinated by French perfume as I am apparently supposed to be. Mostly, I plan to walk around and take pictures, which is pretty much what I do everywhere I go.