My writing to-do as of March 16

Despite passing out in a locker room last week, thus living out one of the more popular worst high school nightmares, last week proved fairly productive. I’m amazed how much I got to run a strikethrough on!

  • This week, partly because the Diagram Prize vote closes this week, I must prioritize (if a bit late) a deeper update to Divorcing A Real I won’t have enough time to post a downloadable index for my print book buyers (on the to-do list) but I can at least post a FAQ.
    From last week’s list, moved over to this week’s:
  • I am going to work on the overview for that book proposal. One small thing gets steps forward.
  • Almost done reading the last book on the stack, so I am almost ready to start drafting those book reviews for Facing North.
  • Dig up an old spell/prayer for Janet Callahan’s Pagan Child’s Book of Prayers. (Due August 1.)
  • Check my Facebook save list – I’ve been finding a lot more anthology submission type things over there. Eventually I do want to inch towards stuff outside the Pagan market.

New to the list:

  • Devotional piece to Poisedon for Bibliotecha Alexandrina – it’s due April 1, so an opening salvo of research seems like a good place to start this week.
  • Sort through some significant blog article backlog. I have quite a few essays waiting in the wings, never yet schedule to post.