My writing to-do for May

  • Finish the submissions for the 2012 Llewellyn Witches’ Calendar. This may take a bit, as there are some new and specific technical requirements.
  • Finish this round of reviews for Facing North. There are more than my usual amount.
  • Note taking for Divorcing a Real Witch. I have the “base” written. I got scared, took out all my personal experience, and have some good advice for putting it back in. I tend to avoid “feeling” things as I am scarred by frequent emotional mishandling.  I’m also spending extra time on the context chapters, including all that history stuff people are so fond of. Personally, I’d prefer not to for this book, but it’s inescapable.
  • Write and submit a 2000 word article on handparting for Circle Magazine. I need to bust a move on this one if it’s going to happen.

I think I’m going to stop there, as I have scads of writing projects at various stages and I’m overwhelming myself with a bad case of wanting it all done, now. The writing process, at least mine, just doesn’t work that way. Having less stuff to worry about at a time makes for much better writing.

By the end of this month, I would very much like to:

  • Have my work for the calendar done and submitted. I aim to do this by the end of next week (around 5/14.) That gives me enough time to write the drafts, let them sit, and then do any rewriting I identify as needing doing.
  • Finish the round of reviews by the end of this week – 5/7, ideally. They’ve already been sitting, although I must admit my brain shorted out on the Paganicon review for some reason.
  • If the gods are kind, get that 2000 word essay out by 5/8, and have it polished and ready to submit by 5/30.
  • Finish this latest draft of the book by mid-June, hopefully by 6/17. I acknowledge that this will probably interfere with plans I had to expand my social life a bit, but that’s OK. I’ll go sit in a coffee shop and pretend I had a social life should the weather actually match the calendar anytime soon. This also means more staying up late to work longer on this project, taking time outs to deal with the extremely difficult emotions that it raises, and sublimating most of my “go out” urges into long walks, classes at the YWCA and meditation.

I suspect that this will be a good month for me to “cook ahead,” and prep as many meals as I can manage on a designated weekend day. This usually involves preparing my meals for the week on Sunday so I don’t need to think about them as I go through my day-to-day work schedule.

I will continue to give myself an artist’s date on Wednesday, and Monday is my designated “blogging day,” especially for Fat Chic. While I’m not engaging as other professionals think I “should” I’ve decided that this blogging and my approach to it is all stuff I have to determine for myself alone.