My writing to-do

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I haven’t written a writing t0-do in awhile, and it feels like a good place to pause and do one. Not all things on my list are directly related to writing, but can certainly help in the overall project.

The Spellcasting Picture Book

Get more notice out to bloggers; also, set up profiles at Pagan-related social networking sites. I might as well set something up at Goodreads while I’m at it, and give the SPB a Facebook page of its very own, too. My Amazon author’s page is working out pretty well.

Divorcing a Real Witch

I noticed that O Books is having a “proposal” contest that sounds suspiciously like business-as-usual on their end.  Still, it’s not a bad way to go, especially as I am in third draft and I do have some audience for the book. Since every metaphysical shop bookseller lights up when I mention the project, I know there’s a market for it that publishers might not recognize from their angle. I believe it might not just serve the Pagan niche, either.

I also need to do the following for this project:

  • Set up a dedicated web page with outline, chapters, and possibly sample chapters.
  • Share the non-identifying data collected from the survey. I’m just thinking of “80% do NOT regret divorce,” etc.
  • Set up a Facebook page.
  • Get some articles on the topic into circulation.

My big stumbling block is the weight of a depressing topic. Updating and re-releasing the Spellcasting Picture Book has helped with that a great deal, at least. It also means I have tools at the ready for this book when the time comes.

Facing North

Got two reviews done, and one more thing showed up in the mail. I can do the first draft today, and then I’m tabling book reviews until October.


I realize Fat Chic wants me to return. I also realize that my problem is that I feel like I’m fighting for control of my own blog space, and it’s pissing me off. It starts with website contacts that don’t ask for so much as they demand my email address as though marketers are entitled to that information (while offering very little to tell me if it’s a relationship I want to pursue) and degrades rapidly into reader entitlement issues that crop up from time to time. I’ve got some ideas to mediate in the fight between advertorial and curatorial (I prefer the latter) and hopefully I’ll be able to implement them after I return from Paris.

This blog here has some essays sitting in draft – several. I’m trying to get a few written out, and scheduled out, to run while I’m away. I’m also entertaining participating in more fellow-author promotions. At some point, I will start releasing fiction, too, after all. I will also write about my thoughts on the Wiccans and Brujeria on True Blood, since people keep asking me about it.

Articles, et. al

I’m working on a contribution for a Jupiter Gardens anthology now. Depending on how writing goes on my larger projects this week, I may also try my hand at a flash fiction anthology, just to see if I can pull it off. I’m actively looking for more anthologies to contribute to, as well as any other small projects publishers might have. I’m going through a sort of re-emergence as a writer that I plan to blog about, down the line.

Side Projects

I really need to update my flickr stream with proper tags, and removing the crappy photos I should never have uploaded. I’ve been relying on it more and more for blog photos. I also need to make some skincare stuff for personal use, and for $10 I’ll set aside a jar of exfoliant, cleansing cream and scar cream for you.  Just ask in comments or via the web contact form. I need to watch a bunch of the French movies I put on my Netflix cue. And I have stacks of raw material in my studio to use.




  1. Angie Mroczka

    Yes Diana, the “contest” really isn’t much of a contest at all. I was more or less was interested in helping some of our authors get out of their comfort zone and get them to submit their work to get some experience. Moon Books was more than happy to provide us with an opportunity to do so.

    I hope you will be submitting your book and I look forward to promoting you during your Featured Author week, which is coming up pretty soon!

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