New Orleans tabled

I took a closer look at the Paganicon schedule. I compared who is interested in my workshop as to other workshop interests – and for a 9 am workshop, interest is pretty darned high. I also talked to Mike more about the New Orleans thing and the possible expense; he was willing to let me go and stay indefinitely (I have mentioned wanting to go there and just pound out a book, any book, about anything for years) whereas I was thinking “Mr. Wizard, I don’t like this snow anymore!” and was planning on coming back when temperatures started pushing 50F again, which would be in about a week. Really, all I had in mind was one weekend hopping trolley cars and walking around, maybe with a short detour for video poker.

As demoralized as I feel, the people interested in my workshop did NOT hurt me, and since a major part of the Artist’s Way is dealing with  setbacks, womanning up and dealing with mine is very much part of the deal. I just need to go make photocopies, find some crayons and hope to the gods that I remember the basics of workshop instruction. I used to do this all the time in my twenties, at 35 I should still know how.

…that, and Mike says it’s just fine if I take off a few days next week, instead. So I’ll probably still go, just not this weekend. I do need that time.