News on Obama: He Brushes His Teeth and Wears Underwear too!

This is a rant. You are warned.

I voted for Obama. I’m excited to see him here, and I’m thrilled with the work he’s done in his first 7 days in office. Clearing out Guantanomo will clear out our nation’s karma, and that needs to be done badly.

I also know that other people are excited, too. HOWEVER there is a big difference between news/something worth blogging and blogging every sodding detail just so you can get noticed in a keyword search.

Among the more ridiculous, non-news headlines I’ve seen in an effort to ride the considerable Obama bandwagon:

  • Obamas pay for their own groceries
  • Michelle Obama‘s Dress (fine for a fashion headline, but this was on the news section RSS feed of the New York times)
  • Ann Wintour Praises Michelle Obama’s Fashion Choices
  • There’s news, and there’s non-news. In the face of the massive amounts of information out there, and the historical reversal of many outdated US policies and the updating of many more…who gives a flying squirrel outside of Vogue what Michelle Obama is wearing, and whether or not groceries are among the president’s perquisites?

    Also, please quit comparing the Obamas to the Kennedys. JFK‘s accomplishments for a man who served two years were interesting and an odd dance of corruption and getting it right: on the one hand, he founded the Peace Corps, and on the other hand, he let the US affiliate with Latin American dictators, seeing facism as preferable to communism and thus creating tragic conditions in Latin Ameria that continue to this day. The mess in Iraq actually started with Kennedy.  Yes, he had a lot to do with desegregation, but he also allowed the unconstitutional wiretapping of hundreds of people, among them Martin Luther King.

    The Kennedys today are not people I personally want to be in the same room with. It seems to me that they’re a dangerous, political lot with little regard for women and less regard for anyone in their way.

    Obama is no JFK. He’s better. I believe this, and I hope he proves me right.  But because he’s something altogether different, I’d like to see the comparisons stop, and for god’s sake, quit deifying the Obamas.  This isn’t the 60s, we have much more to think about than hiding the Pill from our husbands and getting into Dayton’s to buy a new pillbox hat.

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    1. Bunny

      Oh My Gosh. You are 100% right on about this. I love that one of the first things Obama did was dismantle GITMO, goodness knows that needed to be done.

      One of the reasons I only listen to NPR in the AM as my sole source of news is that I can’t handle the infotainment aspect of news reporting today. I’m not saying NPR is perfect, but it’s not filled with teasers like, “Are you in danger from your fabric softener? Tune in at ten to find out!”

      As for the non-stop Obama blather, it’s making me crazy! I want to know about the first dog, but much beyond that, not really. Let the man get on with running the country, report on the progress he’s making (or not making) I don’t need to know what he eats for breakfast or who he’s rooting for in the Super Bowl.

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