Nicolas Cage allegedly hires Voodoo priestess

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Yes, I am having fun with the gossip blogs and my copies of trashy magazines. I’m not overly credulous – really- but given that one of the salient interest of my life is the occult, and anything occult is considered just great for a gossip rag because fear, mystery, panic, sensationalism!!!

So, right next to that article about American Idol’s ghost Phyllis, was one about Nick Cage hiring a voodoo priestess to cleanse the set of a movie he’s working on to reduce the accident rate. It was noted by someone quoted in the Enquirer article that she “carried a broom” and wore something around her neck labeled “Voodoo dust.” The DailyStab pulls from the Enquirer article.  HotGossip also covers it, and throws in some serious hatred for Nick Cage.

I can’t help but wonder what the priestess thought. If she has a sense of mischief, she probably could have sprinkled glitter everywhere for a reaction that keeps on reacting. Once you’ve tossed glitter, ain’t nothin’ making it go away. I’m not sure that stuff even biodegrades.

It also makes me a bit more intrigued about the mind of Nicolas Cage: every so often I’ll hear about some celebrity asking for some ritual commonly perceived as superstitious, and it makes me curious. It seems like people involved with acting and the theater are, of all the popular art forms, the most superstitious and/or the most open to magic. Certainly theater has roots in mystical traditions, some of which had priests and priestesses embodying the gods, and in nearly all ritual there is some form of theater. I have to wonder if some actors are conscious of this and observe it manifest, or if it’s more of a “going outside the box” to solve problems over which they otherwise don’t have control?