NOT doing #nanowrimo2010

sorry nanowrimo, not this year

I spent the weekend deliberating about this, and decided that no, nanowrimo is not for me this year even if I did land on a novel idea while in Portland. It’s a good idea. It’ll keep until I’m ready to work on it.

I will instead spend my efforts from November 1- 30th on Fat Chic blog. I’ve received many reminders that oh yes, people really are reading it, and I am persuaded that I can 1. make a difference in the apparel industry and choices and 2. make a decent income from it in an honest, non-intrusive, non-hawking way. I still won’t do giveaways or pay-for-play. But I will find ways to solicit a whole lot more interaction and thought from my current audience. While the subscribership dropped back down again on Saturday, on Friday I actually broke 500 on my RSS feed.

I remember when I was happy to see 10 a day on my Feedburner.

Now, I have literally  a stack of clothing to photograph myself in, a reader to thank for sending me her old copies of Mode, ((huge scan and archiving project ahead for me, not to mention related research for who else has done this) ) designer interviews to solicit, mainstream magazines to sort through, mock and be inspired by and at least one really cool post where an apparel maker actually sent me fabric swatches along with the clothing sample. This leaves out a bunch of TV/media viewing and related fashion and body issue stories I plan to review.

I’m starting to get a vision of Fat Chic that expands far beyond a simple, organized place to research clothing choices. Also, 30 days gives me lots of time to blog far into the future, so when I turn my attention to other projects, I can be sure the blog can and will take care of itself.

Hell, I’m not using a single SEO technique and it seems to keep going pretty well on its own.

I’m not abandoning the book. I just need a break, and badly. I also have a rather large order with the perfumery, and I need to start going through my raw supplies. I had an idea of selling my perfume samples via vending machine recently. There are flaws to this plan, but now I’m looking for a tabletop version because I really, really want to experiment.