Obligatory post for those who don’t rely on RSS feeds

The sexual abuse education for Pagans series will continue tomorrow. The reason for the pause and the frequent breaks  is an example of a self-care best practice: last weekend had traumatic associations for me. Also, there were parts of my life that needed seeing to: the book I have to promote if I am going to honor the ten years of work I took writing it (and more, assuming I ever figure out how to edit movies), the career changes that may or may not lead to wild relocation … getting the laundry done, taking a shower, cooking things I can eat later so that I don’t fall back on whatever I can get from a box or bag…

Taking care of myself. Because even though these crises are daily and virulent and will rage on without my presence…
there are times when the storm must rage on without me. So that when I return to it I am ever-better equipped than when I left it last.

  • In the meantime a few small things that are not commonly used in the Pagan blogosphere that are intended to make this blog more usable, especially since most people here are long-form readers who sometimes enjoy tracking back what was written or tracking how I’ve slowly changed my mind about different topics over the years:
    On the sidebar, beneath the blog search box, is a dropdown menu titled “series.” These are connected blog posts written at different times. If you click on that you can easily backtrack through other material I have written.
  • Further down from that is a Google-powered custom search engine. This engine is an amalgamation of occult, Pagan and herb shops. Once in awhile I throw in herb and garden stores, too. You will need to use boolean search to get the most out of it but it’s there to help you shop faster.
  • Below that is a form for joining my mailing list – this will likely also begin to appear at the bottom of every blog post soon. This list is so I can notify you if I publish a book, if something I write comes out in a periodical, if I teach a class, host a signing, etc. I will also be making it possible to have my actual blog posts sent to you by email as soon as I remember how.
  • Below the archives dropdown is a tip jar. If you think what I said is valuable – or you are printing and using blog posts in your own teaching, for example, throwing me $1 during PayPal (Square Register coming soon) is totally cool. Tips are not tax deductible. I have to pay taxes on those, too.
  • So that’s a quick tour of the stuff on my site, much of which will be made all the more convenient over time. Thank you for reading. It’s an honor to have your attention this far.