One project sort of down, the next to go!

Diana in car, with that hat
Indulging myself with this true self portrait shot from two winters back.

My writer’s website is now available for public consumption. You can see it here. I would say it’s “done” but even non-dynamic content online is never truly finished. Over the years I will have things to add, things to remove, things to revise. And of course, since I’ve put so much energy into this project I’m having one of those “drifting at a loss” days despite always, always having much more to do in every single aspect of my life.

This drift isn’t exactly a productivity killer. In fact, I think it’s a productivity protector, because it forces me to take a break, play Mafia Wars, maybe read a book or two before I jump back in to the next thing. The end of project “drift” (or pause in project, I guess) actually helps prevent burnout. This is a good thing, and one I embrace.

However, since I do struggle with end-project drift, I built myself a safety-net this year. I sat down and constructed a slew of planning documents for 2010. I may not get to every task, physical item or goal in that list – I’m giving myself more of a decade to accomplish a few of these things. But so far, I’ve gotten a few things done. I have my indoor garden up, and while it needs more lights (or more cowbell) it’s trucking along quite nicely. I put it in Saturday and I’m seeing sprouts in most of the plants already. I got the website completed, so that’s something. I’ll need to add some book outlines, etc. But the idea is there.

I also have the foreword and intro up for Urban Wicca. I’d like to get this in front of people who already practice and support technomagic and urban-based magic, or who have non nature-based traditions. I don’t want this to be an “opposed” or “in favor” thing – as some people practice “nature” magic, some people practice “urban” magic. That said, I do feel rather protective of this work but I do want to share it. I just really want to put something out there that says something other than “Oh, you’re stuck in a city, I’m so sorry.” While the book that said this was otherwise awesome, I found that attitude as short-sighted as it was shitty. Especially since the nature-lovin’-livin’ isn’t always exactly “green.”

Today I’m allowing myself a little drift. I’m going back to my writer’s workshop, so I can offer notes on someone else’s work. I’m still doing the Vein of Gold series by Julia Cameron, and the Artist’s Way is very much part of my daily magical work. I’m even contemplating asking her permission to create a few things for magical people to practice the artist’s way.

Also, I ate some undercooked squash last night and my hypersensitive system reacted predictably. So one way or the other, I have to spare myself the usual challenges today.