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For other pagan-writer types who read this at my main site or on my LJ:

Facing North needs reviewers!

No, really, Lisa’s got a stack of books that’s threatening to force a neighborhood rezoning. The full details are here.

I’ve known Lisa for well over a decade and worked with her just a little less than that; this is as stable and well-organized as a pagan-oriented project can get. Also, you get to work for books. The catch is that you have to actually read them.

Also, and related to my work with Facing North:

I need hungry people this week.

I’m reviewing a book called Lucid Food: Cooking for an Eco-Conscious Life for Facing North, and just for fun, I’m also doing photography, etc. The idea is that healthy/local food need not taste like it’s good for you. While much of the recipes are well within my culinary wheelhouse, it’s interesting to try things from this author’s perspective – and equally interesting to feed them to other people. It will also help if you like/tolerate avocados and kale. I tried making kale chips yesterday and while not bad, it does resemble vegan cheese in that you know what it’s imitating and it’s just… like watching a drag queen who hasn’t learned about tape.

There were no kale chips recommended in the book, it was just an adventure warmup.

Over the course of the week I’m going to be making salads with nori and kale, avocado-carob smoothies and walnut cakes. Tonight I’m making chickpea cakes since it will be the least difficult to get Mike to eat. I hope.

So, except for Monday night, if you’re in Minneapolis – and I know you – let me know if you’d like to stop by for a culinary experiment for lunch or dinner. Joel and Mike can’t eat everything, after all.


  1. Caelesti/Mariah

    I have thought about writing for Facing North before, as I write a lot of book reviews already so might as well get credit for it of some kind. I am running out of space on my bookshelves but that’s what HalfPrice is for…

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