Pagan book recommendation:not really Pagan: the Witch of Portobello

I am regrettably out of the loop these days about what’s coming out on the neopagan/occult book market. I’m also aware of the irony of this, since I still write book reviews and at one point I was on the mailing list for all the major occult publishers and a few of the minor ones, too. There are a lot of reasons for this, the main one being the two book cases and stack on the floor of books I have yet to read, some which have been waiting for me for quite literally a decade. Still, once in awhile a book, fiction or non, makes it through my filters. The Witch of Portobello is definitely one of those books.

It is the life story of a woman who chooses unconventional methods to live the truest relationship to God she can conceive. Told from the point of view of a reporter who is in love with her, her origins and how she becomes who she is is a tale to inspire the most determined nonconformist in all of us.