Pagan Links: a few Pagan-interest reads


I stumbled across Pagan Blog prompts, and I have to admit, it’s helpful. It reminds me of the good old days when Witchvox still used essay themes. I’m considering trying a bit of it out, too.

The Pomegranate: the International Journal of Pagan Studies has been around since I was in college. I’m impressed that they’ve stuck around; they’re among the first to attempt academic journaling from within the pagan/reconstructionist/etc. community, and the people behind it are good people to do this. Subscriptions are a bit of a hit – $80.00/year – but they now offer the option of purchasing individual articles, a la the Itunes approach.

For those who hadn’t already heard, Green Egg zine found a way to come back in digital form. The price has dropped to $13/year – don’t bother comparing eggs to pomegranates, they tend wind up in totally different recipes.

There are other pagan zines that are coming up on my radar lately – I’ll write more as I take a look at them. Since magazine writing on neopaganism is not a way to earn income these days, it’s particularly fascinating how so many of these find ways to continue to run and are still such an important backbone to the neopagan subculture.