Pagan Reader for 1/3/2012

I’m trying out the idea of a “Pagan reader” roundup to happen… pretty much whenever. A few reads from the Pagan blogosphere that might interest you.

photo by grbenching on flickr


ACLU sued a library for blocking Wiccan and occult sites – and labeling them “illegal.” I don’t know what’s more appalling ,the nannying or the willful ignorance and insistence what Wiccans/Pagans do MUST be unlawful because it’s not all dripping with Jesus. That “thou shalt not bear false witness” schtick sure gets overlooked when it’s convenient.

Head for the Red has some theories on why some see spirits and why some don’t.

Strategic Sorcery talks about when NOT to be goal oriented. shares a profile of Roman doorway god Janus. While I associate him more with Samhain season, January is his month, and it always feels like a month where time slows. I’d love to test the theory that it slows equally in the southern hemisphere.