Pagan values month: a roundup

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  • Pax offers a listing of organizations explicitly founded with Pagan civil rights involved. That some comments still call for such organizations when they exist doesn’t suggest a weakness in centralization of information, although that is a problem. It suggests that a lot of people still don’t dig deep enough in understanding their own religious culture, or simply get distracted along the way. It’s a combined problem of too much information and not enough work (sometimes for entirely valid reasons)  in getting at that information. Life skills classes in general are good for pagans and non-pagans alike; even so, I’m seriously considering assembling a curriculum that teaches everything from why government is personal to how to check your credit reports. While not a specifically Pagan need, I have found by far the most information voids on such modern-culture survival skills amidst my own.
  • Over at Earth Healing, there is discussion about intuition as a core value – the idea that we are innately good, and know what is good for ourselves, and so to trust our instincts as a gift that preserves us.
  • Pax also has a good post on Disconnection and how it’s affecting forming a pagan values core.
  • Want to contribute to Pagan values month? See how over at Pagan Values blog.