Pagan/Magical Values: the bad ideas edition

Just read a writeup of the lover’s intranquility spell. I have a lot of respect for Hoodoo – it is the foundation of most of the magic that Wicca uses, too. And while my own religious ethos is decidedly against calling up denizens of hell because of our high ranking on free will, I think perhaps "it’s a really freaking bad idea" is a much more compelling argument. Things that are just "wrong" or "right" are easily lost in relativism. However, ranking magical spellworking with parallels to an arsenal of weapons can make people stop and really think twice about what they’re doing – especially since this spell marches someone back to you at gunpoint. Do you really think the relationship can heal after something like that?

It’s really hard to get out of the "if I have this person, or this car, or this money, I’ll be happy." First, we’re programmed to defer our happiness all the time. Second, happiness is a dynamic process, not a static moment.