#paganvalues Values Change

It’s the last day of Pagan Values Month, and while I didn’t manage to post something every day, I posted enough that this became my core writing project for the month.  While I would argue that all Pagan blogging is somehow Pagan values blogging, it is nice to stop, focus and really think about your values at least once a year. Especially since, if you’re alive and paying attention, your values will change.

I do not keep all the same values I brought with me into Wicca back in the mid 1990s. I now see benefits to being mainstream, because some of that is closure to my true self. I publicly admitted that I hate camping, and can love nature while honoring that evolution, nature’s own steward, has ushered me into a sensible cave (apartment.) As I’ve lived to see the world change, and I will live to see it change even more, I have adjusted many of my values to those changes.

  • I value courtesy, because it provides a common language when we are unsure whether we have common ground.
  • I value honor, because keeping promises and contracts is the only certainty we can have about the human condition and the social contract. I may take twenty years or more to keep my promises, but I do fulfill them the moment I get an opportunity.
  • I value continuous education, because the world does not stop changing, and as long as I live here, it’s my job to learn about it. It’s better than running on the assumption you can get AIDS from a toilet seat, or that people of a different color have a naturally lower IQ. (Both are false.)
  • I value self-care, because the one life I am charged with the responsibility to tend to from start to finish is my own.
  • I value friendships formed in sincerity and authenticity. It doesn’t matter how or where they form, only that they are about people being their real selves together for mutual enjoyment and support.

Hopefully next year I can delve deeper into some of the topics I just made brief notes on. Perhaps my views will have mellowed and changed. I can only know then.

In the meantime, it’s a great chance to read up on what other bloggers have posted. You can keep up on the event throughout the year by checking the Pagan Values Blogject page.