Pantheacon Schedule 2016

It’s been awhile since you’ve seen me. This is how I look as of two days ago.

This week I am escaping Superbowl madness by hunkering down in a co-working house in Portland. My wife’s foresight, when she uses it, is AMAZING. We took the Amtrak through the mountains – gorgeous trip, but the heater was out in our sleeper cabin so there was a downside that meant “no sleep” and my track record with stern Scandinavian travel hosts continues. This time it was socks and not seatbelts at least.

Next week is a more familiar madness in the Bay Area – Pantheacon. Last year was my first year attending and this year will be my first year presenting.  The following is my schedule. Since Divorcing a Real Witch is apparently not included in the Ancient Ways distributor catalog, if you want to purchase a copy you will need to buy it directly from me. The Llewellyn Sabbat books (Mabon and Samhain) will, however, be available.

My schedule for the time being is as follows. If you would like a private reading, to buy me a drink, or to take me dancing, look for the times I’m not scheduled. :)

Itinerary for Diana Rajchel at Pantheacon

Check-in Thursday after 3 pm
I do plan to meet some earlybird friends for dinner and drinks, maybe give myself some rehearsal time at the hotel

130 – 545 Divination – book a reading with me!

My rates at Pantheacon match my rates at the Mystic Dream. You can also always book me on my readings page.

11am – 12:30 Transitions: Preparing for Divorce and Handparting – bring a notebook for this one. It’s intended for people going through it, and can help those of us priest/essing others going through it.
12:30 – 12:50 Book Signing/Table outside room
1:30 – 2:00  –  Book Signing in Vendor Room
7:30 pm –       Llewellyn Authors Launch Party

Pantheacon at large

Pantheacon at large; taking my tired cookies and going home to prepare for Paganicon in Minneapolis.

At some point I will most certainly be at the Green Fairy Party. I had better not have someone kissing me without my consent this year!