Paris Photos: Versailles

[stextbox id=”info”]My partner Mike and I went to Paris last month. These are shots captured. Also reference the Analog Tweets from Paris series, as this may give you some context. The shots/slides are available to view on Flickr, and are hidden behind a cut so as not to make Livejournal explode.[/stextbox]

I think one of the reasons for Paris’s intense efficiency now is because their early governments did their damnedest to be seen from space even before space travel was possible. Both Versailles and the Louvre are huge to a scale I have trouble communicating. Just as the British can’t quite fathom that the breadth of land mass makes genuine homogenization in the United States impossible – thus there is no national school system, only a series of local ones – it’s hard to communicate exactly how many Olympic size swimming pools, football fields and Malls of America would fit into either the Louvre or Versailles.

To guess wildly, I’ll say several of a lot.

Versailles itself is essentially an amusement park for history nerds. Also, while my memories of my Bucza are vague, from what I do recall, she cribbed all her decor concepts off of it. Also, Versaille may be the root of that weird compulsion elderly women have to serve hard candies.