Photos from Paris: Crypt de Archeologique

[stextbox id=”info”]My partner Mike and I went to Paris last month. These are shots captured. Also reference the Analog Tweets from Paris series, as this may give you some context. The shots/slides are available to view on Flickr, and are hidden behind a cut so as not to make Livejournal explode.[/stextbox]

Crypt de Archeologique stores the oldest stones in Paris. Ancient Romans and Gaulic warriors trod them, and now they lie preserved in one of the earliest examples of urban archeology. I consider them the most powerful things I encountered in Paris – but then, I never did make it to the catacombs where you could see all the bones. They vibrated with something ancient in them, all that living history. What’s curious is that the United States ostensibly has less human history than Europe, and yet I’ve found many, many places that have that kind of energy or memory stored in them – there are days where I can barely walk down the street without finding something with so much vibrance! I have to admit that the inherent energy of Notre Dame paled in comparison, but I also think that the cathedral has its energy diluted just from the masses of people walking through.