Photos from Paris: Food Ponr

[stextbox id=”info”]My partner Mike and I went to Paris last month. These are shots captured. Also reference the Analog Tweets from Paris series, as this may give you some context. The shots/slides are available to view on Flickr, and are hidden behind a cut so as not to make Livejournal explode.[/stextbox]
For the most part, I actually refrained from shooting pictures of food. While the restaurants we went to were prepared for tourists, a reasonable number clearly had locals and regulars – which made me think that shooting pictures of my food might be received as indecorous. The French are not particularly concerned with etiquette around sleeping in public, taking naps in areas I’d never even consider and not always as a result of excess drink. When it came to food, however, its reception and the order in which food is consumed, it was fully ritualized. French meals are a sacred act from preparation to consumption – and as an American, my need for coffee before my course was deemed rank heresy. To be fair, I only insisted on it first once, when we were caught in a rainstorm and I was clearly shivering. It was still met with the waiter’s disapproval. There are apertifs, and there are digestivs. These may not go in your system without the layer of a four course meal first, at minimum.