Photos from Paris: the Eiffel Tower

[stextbox id=”info”]My partner Mike and I went to Paris last month. These are shots captured. Also reference the Analog Tweets from Paris series, as this may give you some context. The shots/slides are available to view on Flickr, and are hidden behind a cut so as not to make Livejournal explode.[/stextbox]
I had expected the Eiffel Tower to be a letdown, and maybe it’s good that I went in with that attitude, because truth be told … it’s pretty darned cool. We didn’t go up the tower – the queue was absurdly long, even on a Monday, and I had just enjoyed a walk along the river with the complete absence of a crowd. Given that everything in Europe is smaller, tighter, more efficient and more closely packed to deal with population density in a way North Americans south of Mexico never ever deal with, the enormous amounts of empty space shocked me. This was when I also began to puzzle at the tendency of Parisians to sleep in public spaces. I appreciate a good siesta, but in my part of the world, you sleep in public and someone takes your shoes.