Please flag and report those IPs!

Again, so as to keep my brain clean and my homicidal rage to a minimum I don’t generally read the comments on blogs. I especially don’t read them on Pagan blogs. Most comments are phrased from a world view that’s twenty … whoops, thirty years out of date and manages to misconstrue a lot of the Pagan ideology that was true of that time.

So, as I’ve said, this whole lumping rape into sex into pedophilia thing is in fact not a grey area. It is plain as day to me with no confusion, no cognitive dissonance and no doubt. You don’t fuck or fuck with children. You also do not support, defend or interact with people that do.

I’ve read several – several – blog posts where people are commenting/complaining/even trying to accommodate people who say things like “well, maybe he was just looking at the pictures.”

I get why you would complain.

But why the fuck are you not writing down their names and ISP numbers, checking the sex offender database and forwarding all that to the feds?

Some guy complaining about how men are treated in Paganism – after it’s clear to the point of national news certain men have misbehaved routinely and have been indulged in it – on a post about another dude being arrested for child porn is a screaming red flag.

Whatever – a lot of it is polytheists who are pointing at the general Wiccan and Pagan population with contempt. But if they’re not taking names and reporting it too, they deserve just as much contempt as they are distributing.