Poking my head above a sea of papers

I’ve spent most of the last two weeks working intensively on Fat Chic. I have a specific – and growing – process, and right now my plan is to work far, far ahead so that when I do hit burnout it’s not a big deal at all. I’ve contemplated taking today off, but since I already have an artist’s date scheduled tonight (though I may violate the rules and take a friend) and next week marks the beginning of the holidays I thought perhaps continuing my work-through with breaks for yoga and Wii might be useful. Getting in more Y time would also be good.

I actually want to take a break and do writing, yoga and perfume things – but I’m putting it off for a broad variety of reasons. I am talking to Brenda about having a weekly craft night where she makes jewelry and I decoupage. Since I’m decoupaging product boxes to send in lieu of shipping boxes, I’m trading the money spent on standard shipping boxes for my time, and it’s fussy and probably a much higher time cost – but I think for my business size, that’s fine. Good, even. I know how to pack a box properly, after all. I also use a lot of magazines and catalogs as I blog, and when I’m done I want to use them for a collage project/vision board or three (that I will likely also blog) and then convert the remaining pages to envelopes or more paper as I see fit. It’s a long, busy process and I may spend a chunk of my time this summer on crafts and product photography. I’ll see how I feel when I get there.

I’m also trying to work in more reading – I have a book review I need to write (I’ve read it, not bad) and my home library read-off has been a strange little dream of mine. Right now? I’m taking on the Time Life Mysteries of the Unknown Series I bought at a used book store back in college. I’m not sure how many books were in the actual series, I just know I don’t have them all – but I do have more than ten.