Political polls must be stopped: a very short rant

I believe poll-taking affects the outcome of political races, and thus it needs to STOP.  Pollsters negate the votes and voices every time they step in with a prediction. There are few things that infuriate me more than candidates conceding elections before the last votes are in, because polls release the "best guess" data. It’s not fair, it invalidates votes by entire states and frankly, it’s a crappy practice since other newsworthy stuff happens that day. I’d rather have the energy that’s devoted to election outcome reporting focus on election fairness. After all, we live in a country with no consistent polling laws, no consistent polling staffing and especially at huge turnout elections people getting turned away without their vote because, despite showing up in a timely manner, the polls "had to close."

I want to fix the voting process, starting with how outcome is communicated. Because the poll thing really pisses me off.