Portland, Oregon – Day 1 (or PDX Day 1)

Note: this refers to my spouse by her Dead Name. (6/23/2016)

I hoped last night to post some initial impression pictures of Portland, at least the stunning architecture of the airport imitating the bridge and traffic setup arcing over downtown on Route 5. But after an exhausting day of bad travel – Delta’s staff in Denver can kiss any of the considerable real estate on my ass – Mike and I did what couples do when they’re tired, cranky, and have spent the better part of the day at the mercy of airlines: we fought like minks locked in a room full of opened steroid cream. It did not help that we booked a jacuzzi suite, were given a suite that while very nice but was NOT a jacuzzi suite and we had to stay up late because Delta wound up delivering Mike’s improperly checked bag ( (that mysteriously got checked under my name, and only then perhaps because I flirted with a flight attendant who appreciated the attention even if gay) ) to the hotel.  So night one was … less then auspicious.

But as they say in theater, bad dress, good show. Also, I’m a SkyMiles member. I shall bitch. I already bitched on Twitter. I shall bitch on Facebook. I shall bitch, – nicely, with consideration for the human being who had to take an airline customer service job because of whatever life circumstances – to their customer service. I’ll let you know if that gets me anywhere.

So, after that beginning, Mike and I awoke, checked ourselves and each other for wounds inflicted in the night, and then Mike killed a really gross bug and I felt better about him. Relationships, they mystify me especially when I’m in them.

Today we spent shuttling to different plus size clothing stores around Portland, starting on Hawthorne Avenue.  In our wanderings on Hawthorne, we discovered the New Season Market, paid homage to the Monkey King, I sniffed at a local perfumery and I may have been in the coolest plus size consignment store, EVER.I will have pictures hopefully tomorrow.

In my initial planning, I had scheduled two interviews for Fat Chic blog with one drop- in planned that didn’t happen. The reason it didn’t? It turns out plus size store owners in Portland network like it’s going out of style. Every place I stopped, someone recommended another store to me, most of which are in Portland, all of which I did not find in my initial research before leaving. The end result? I’m aiming to cram in a few more interviews before I leave, if I can. I also have some new clothes to join the family in my closet. I suspect I’ll have more before I leave, including a one-of-a-kind dress by Size Queen Clothing.

Right now I want to note that I’m a highly resistant shopper. I long ago outgrew the “It’s pretty, I must have it,” phase thanks to maturity, the advent of digital photography, a lot of debt, and the understanding that you can enjoy beauty without collecting it ((though I contend self-storing artworks like beautiful men are just fine to collect.)) Yet somehow today I found something I wanted to buy nearly everywhere we stopped. While I’m not verging on broke at this point, I’m a little stunned at what I hauled back to my hotel room. Along with the Oregon wine we planned to pick up, I somehow wound up getting Mike a robot/wind-up penguin, a peach-scented perfume, several new clothing pieces (there will be pics, oh yes…), a jade monkey, a rubber blue skeleton and bubble bath for the jacuzzi. Given how rarely I buy especially when traveling – pictures really are enough, especially when someone has Frosty the snowman in their window with blood smeared on his mouth – I’m stunned. I’ve bought all this, and I’ve yet to visit Powell’s!

Tomorrow I hope to post some pictures and commentary; also, really aiming to see my friend in Eugene, try Vooodoo Doughnut and if I can sneak in a visit to this Ross I keep seeing mention of – we do not enjoy this “Ross” in Minnesota

Still jet lagged, so peace out for now – more audio-visual tomorrow.