Portrait of a Spinach Fritatta

It’s been awhile since I did a food post. I do cook slightly less than I used to, sort of – or at least, I enjoy it less. Mike’s on a ketogenic diet, which rules out most of my preferred vegetarian fare, and I’m scrambling to come up with ways to use up food that’s sat in our apartment a very long time that he will likely not be eating. Mike seem happy to be on the diet, so I’m leaving it be, but my opinion of dieting and dieters remains completely negative. We’re already fucked up without continuously making food and fat people moral issues, and I say this as one of the unfortunates  who had my pastor direct the whole “your body is a temple” verse at me as though I would lose weight in  a Jesus-fueled poof of self-righteous disapproval. This is not why I am Wiccan. But it does explain why I tend not to see pastors etc. as authorities, and why most people banking on having authority over me tend to have their plans go horribly awry. I no longer give a fuck about earning “virtue points” as a wife, but as Mike’s partner…he seems to be better off, so I’m choosing to live with it since he’s good about not forcing it on me.

In the meantime, I whipped up a fritatta to use up some spinach we bought at the farmer’s market. Fritattas bake up in about twenty minutes; the hard part is just in preparing what you want to add to it. I think most of the thirty minute prep went into finely chopping the spinach.