Productivity changes–do not be alarmed

My revolution will not be televised. This is because it’s all online.

ben franklin caricature


I’m making some productivity changes. They may confuse some, but have faith! It means, ideally, that I can better entertain you in the future.

1. Email

  • Checking it twice a day only.
  • Filtered the bejesus out of it, so things are sorted into specific folders as they come in. I’ve found companies that cheat this system and flag everything as “urgent.” These are also the people that send a promotional email daily, a hands-down worst practice.
  • In most email responses (there are obvious exceptions for people I rarely see, am interviewing, etc.) I am striving to make email responses 5 sentences or less.
  • Emails that require longer than 5 sentence responses do get dropped to the bottom of my queue, and will likely get responses on weekends.

2. Social media

  • Also attempting to go on twice daily only (with breaks for Words with Friends.)
  • May cheat, using Bufferapp. I am doing this yes, to promote the book I’m writing, but also to maintain a presence when I’m unable to share immediately. Also, I find a TON of cool stuff worth sharing in my RSS reader – and posting it all at once is really annoying; this helps me pace it out.


man in welding mask


3. Phone

  • Phone calls must be scheduled. These can not go over 15 minutes, and must happen after 5 pm, or even 8 pm. I am more flexible if you want to use Skype or Google Hangout, but an appointment is still required.

4. Fridays

  • Friday is now my official reading day. On Fridays, I read. This is time I also use to catch up on forums, read emails, highlight magazines and most especially READ BOOKS.  I allow myself slightly more latitude on social media that day as well.

5. Actual socialization

  • I am also making it a point to try to do something at least once a week with a friend. Sometimes I need to hunker down, but if I can do a lunch or catch a movie, that’s totally OK.