Productivity – Gmail forwarding

You may wonder why this blog is focusing on what might seem as aspiritual as productivity and using technology to make life easier, when I could write about going outside and finding the divine. Here’s why: these productivity efforts are how I make the time to do that stuff.

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Sometimes, it seems like sticking with Outlook would have been a good idea. The calendar was there, so were the contacts, and hell, after awhile it even added a task list. I used to use them all. Then I tried Eudora, went back to Outlook and now on to Google mail. ((I ignore the end results of Yahoo, having only used it as a sort of junk filtration system. Sometimes there is no graceful way to decline signing up for a mailing list.))  These days, Google has essentially all the same goodies as Outlook – with an added plugin or three, of course.


In years past, I spread my life out over 3 email accounts. While at the time it didn’t seem like much hassle, I’ve realized I spent entirely too much time hitting alt + tab to jump between accounts. Not to mention frequent rechecking throughout the day. Since I want to work more efficiently – i.e. less – creating a system that brings all my email accounts down to one sounded great.

Even better, there are ways to do it that don’t force you to tell everyone you’ve changed your email yet again.

I made this happen by following this path:

On the top right of your gmail account, click the cog. From there, click

Settings>Forwarding and POP IMAP.

Click Forward to and enter the primary email address you want to receive messages at. Lather, rinse, repeat for all other Gmail addresses. I use this for my old Magickal Realism account, my personal email account and even for my PNC ((Pagan Newswire Collective)) email so I don’t miss messages.

The system does have its flaws. First, my core calendar is at the account I am NOT using primarily for email. Also, my Smartphone is set to the account where I’m moving the email from. Also, I’m pretty sure I can’t move my Google Plus account from where Google decided I’m allowed to have it, and since a)I actually use Google Plus and b)I’ve got a growing following that is headed towards parity with my Twitter following, moving it seems like a bad idea. That same account is also where I keep my annual mission documents (that I’m apparently supposed to read daily.)

This means, hopefully, less stuff missed when I’m writing for Fat Chic, and ideally more time while promoting Divorcing a Real Witch. It also gives me a chance to go outside once in awhile!