Prosperous Heart: Abstinence

I haven’t abstained from debting as much as I would like, but this is also because I was creating an impossible situation for myself psychologically. I was deducting ALL my payments at the beginning of the month, leaving the impression that I had no money for two and a half weeks of the month. This is no way to function. Now I’m deducting the payments on the weeks that they are withdrawn from my account. Much easier to deal with. Again, I’m recovering from a backslide brought on by vacation and dealing with stress resulting from taking time out for vacation at what turned out to be a very bad time of year for me to take one. (Loved seeing friends, but the timing turned out to be rough for many reasons.)

I’m hoping to catch up, or come close to catching up, this week. If I can relieve my sense of burden a bit it will help a lot.

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