Providing you with an entire trigger warning post (the whole Kenny Klein fiasco)

In the next few days I am going to be posting my .02 on the Kenny Klein scandal. Almost everyone in the Pagan community has heard about this already but there are people who follow my blog even though they aren’t Pagan. The synopsis: a prominent member of the Pagan community was arrested on 25 counts of child porn possession and distribution a few weeks ago. So what’s going to happen: the next post, or possibly series of posts depending on what I find that still needs to be said, will deal with:

Child abuse, sexual violence, gendered violence and emotional violence. For some of you, you’re better off watching Tangled on repeat.

The one piece I definitely have planned is, to some guilt-ridden minds, going to sound accusatory. I want to say “oh, no no, I don’t mean that,” but I do and I don’t, I will and I won’t. Violence isn’t something that happens on a scale, it happens on a spectrum – and if you don’t live on that spectrum, you can’t even be remotely conscious of how you may well contribute to it. Just like practicing a non-mainstream religion takes a re-acculturation process, becoming a person who deals with violence instead of ducking it in culturally prescribed methods takes a total relearning of self. Most of us have, for good or ill, not had cause to learn the other language of behavior.

It makes me glad I’ve turned off comments. I’m tired of people reacting. You read, you react in the moment. With what’s coming I prefer to see a response – I want to see you sit down and really think about what I’m saying before you answer it in any way, if you do at all.

I have had my energy elsewhere – finishing contracted books for Llewellyn (got one more to go) and promoting the book I printed with Moon Books. But I also waited to dive into the discussion for other reasons: I wanted to see what facts floated to the surface, and while I never pay enough attention to climb on to the illusion of Pagan celebrity bandwagon (we all know who Gerald Gardner is but most have no clue about Cybill Shepherd, for scale.)  But for the rest of this week, now that I’ve done all that hard stuff with scheduling book appearances and the like, this horrific story has my attention.