Rant: No matter how many years or how much I write on Wicca

Someone is always convinced they know better than me on the subject – and are equally convinced that they need not substantiate their opinions or support their facts.  I wish there was a less ego-driven way to phrase it, but since it’s basically ego versus ego in this tiresome crap that prevents people from creating useful, life supporting innovations in their religious practice…

I recently busted someone trying to claim the original titles of Wicca and Living Wicca were supposed to use the words “witchcraft.” It came out in the “I must DEMONSTRATE MY BIG WICCA PENIS” crap where I was being treated extremely rudely in a situation that there was no call at all for the behavior. When the moderator supported the incivility, I quit the board.  There will be a PNC article following, but the gist of it (spoilers) is that I went straight to a source at the publisher and asked. My sweetheart of a source answered – and no, there was never any universe in which the title was Witchcraft.

I know my Wiccan history. I know it quite well. You being  x super secret initiated tradition of whatever just tells me you don’t know the Truth or the Facts – you just know what you’ve been told to believe.

And for fuck’s sake it’s not a competition. I will never not be irritated with people trying to win in this shit, and never using that energy where it actually belongs.