Re-commencing Artist’s Way

I’ve restarted work on the Artist’s Way, before I pick up with other aspects of Cameron’s work set aside for the time being. You can see my work on my artist’s cluster blog. While right now I am the only voice on there (and the most frequent poster by far) when the other members of my cluster find the time is right, I’m confident we’ll be hearing from them, too. I’m just in a part of life that allows for this sort of work, and it fits my own approach to spiritual questions far better than most of what I’ve encountered. I think this is because it allows for a certain amount of self-tailoring.

I’m also preparing a Community Ed proposal for teaching a class in the Artist’s Way, and I’m also putting together a workshop proposal for Paganicon on that very topic. Cameron is in fact Goddess-movement influenced herself, and I’ve found my own personal practice vastly improved by applying her principles on a daily basis. Should I find myself on a teaching path again, I will most definitely begin with seekers doing the artist’s way before they go off to any related seeker classes.

I haven’t taught workshops in half a decade at least – the last one I did was an UPS course in Magic Foundations – so I’m feeling a bit rusty. Any tips or, say, online lesson planning resources that might help?