Results-Based Religion?

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Seriously? I was reading a post over at the Wild Hunt about the Church of England sending converted hipsters in to psychic fairs to evangelize (read: annoy) and call back the faithful. This quote popped out: “I agree with “emerging church guru” Ian Mobsby’s claim that were moving into a results-based religious future.”

This raises the question for me: what about faith?

People spend so much time dissecting the trappings of religions and the weird things they find excuses to go to war over (the excuses are not the real reason for war. The only reason for warfare ever, really, is resources.) But the thing that ties religion together, the only thing that they all have in common, is faith. Faith doesn’t have expectations about what happens, it just has a certain belief, an internal anchor in what is. Part of that internal anchor is NOT having a bar to measure against – I’m not going to quit being Wiccan just because my prayers aren’t answered the way I expected, and I certainly know there are Christians with the same attitude.

Results don’t factor into a conversation about faith, and religion based on faith shouldn’t need results either. I acknowledge that this is consciously choosing a form of insanity, because the human mind and heart has realms unexplored and unprovable that society has had to build a home for. Those unexplored things don’t need to hide from or fight science, but they don’t need a yardstick, either.

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