Riding the Dragon: 5 secret (or not so secret) selves

Over-protective Ulna

Ulna does not like risk. No. She does not like potential disapproval. She does not have a sense of proportion, or any idea that failure, embarrassment or calling someone on their crap and facing that person’s anger is “worth it.” She is so avoidant of drama that she creates it.

Mean Marge

A litany of ” shoulds” – you should lose weight, you ARE delusional, there IS something wrong with you – Marge is always late to the party, and never points anything out that is genuinely helpful to the situation.

Bouncy Bette

Bette’s a bit … manic. She loves a good practical joke, buys toys when I’m not looking, and is always begging me to take her out dancing. She gets seriously annoyed when I take people with me that keep me from dancing because they’re self-conscious.

The Priestess

The Priestess might, arguably, be my core self, when all the psychological outfits are stripped off.  She observes things, she directs attention to the positive, and most of the time I get the sense that she sits in lotus position and waits.

Anxious Analise

“gottagottagottagottagotta!” That part that creates deadline pressure, frets at every success and insists EVERYTHING MUST BE DONE RIGHT NOW!!! In many ways, Anxious Analise is worse for me than either of my inner critics.

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