Seals on your Smartphone


The seal above is from Heptameron, i.e. Magical Elements. It is in the manuscript used for assuming robes/ritual vestures. It might be applied also to assuming a magical/other persona or switching personas, as you might need to between work/home/family. At least, I think this is for persona assumption – it might call up the four archangels and compel them to order a pizza. I have a hard time with esoteric translations on the fly.

My best friend, Brenda, has worrying down to an art form. Honestly, I think if she’s not worried, she worries that she’s doing something wrong.

Right now, she’s worried about her other best friend. While I can’t disclose the details, there’s a whole lot of travel to foreign territories that don’t always give people back when they leave. So Brenda has commissioned me to create a way to protect her dear one.

I’m using the Anna Riva book – yes, that one – to pull out various seals for protection. I don’t think her friend owns a Smart Phone and it might not work where she’s going, so we’re making a “good trip” card for her to stick in her luggage or purse. It will actually be harmless – a piece of cardboard, words scribbled inside – and no person in the world will need to open a suitcase to look at it. She could just take the card as carry-on if she wants. It will contain a weaving of seals for protection; if you charge up the sigil, it works whether it’s on dead tree or dead goat.

It occurs to me, as I keep finding stuff for myself, that I could again use my Smartphone more for these magical applications. If I want a seal to work for me, I could snap a photo from my book or upload a file I’ve charged (by meditating at the computer screen) and setting it as my Droid screen background. I could, especially with the series of seals I wish to use, create a “Live wallpaper” that streams the seals like a slide show, flashing out influence whenever the phone is on.

Obviously, I couldn’t use it on a plane – the phone has to be off, and most of the time I get stuck behind a seat recliner that steals any possibility of working on my laptop when I do fly.

Oh, the possibilities!

Note: Since I am going to turn Magickal Realism into a botanica and open up a second perfumery for scent collectors, you may see an expansion on this soon.