Sick Day

Woke up at 4:35 am with that horrifying, drooling, throat closing disaster that sneaks up on me. Usually I get some warning, as it happens at night – this time, I woke up to it and it scared the hell out of me.  For awhile,  I assumed I had gotten corn syrup, or too much starch. When asking doctors and going to the ER, I’ve gotten a “You think it’s life threatening, but its not.” I call bullshit – that was the same attitude I got about the chronic uritcaria, and trust me, it CAN be life-threatening and is a few times a year for me.

The other day I got one of the worst sinus infections I’ve ever had, it hurt so much I couldn’t relegate it to background noise like I do most pain and discomfort. (Not that I’m prone to a lot of it, as long as I’m properly medicated with antihistamines.)  I wandered into Walgreen’s, and while finding the “must register with the state” stuff that actually TREATS the sinus infection. I found, next to it, an over-the-counter for an asthma med that I had asked my allergist to let me try that he did not. I bought it. I had to reassure the pharmacist I had no illegal plans, I really just like breathing, and once I extracted from him the story about how most of his high school class had just gone to jail in a massive drug bust, I got him to trust that really, someone my size is not likely on meth.

So glad I did. I’m not about to use it at the recommended dosage – it’s made of real ephedrine, for heaven’s sake – but popping one and waiting  an hour allowed the drooling to stop. (I also backed this up with extra doses of all my antihistamines, of which there are a lot. I have an essay in the works about why people who recommend Benadryl and Claritin to me get flipped the bird.) 7 hours later, a second one has my throat feeling a little tight, but now I don’t feel like anyone is pinching my trachea and esophagus together while swinging from my epiglottis.

While I’ve gotten nothing done and have goofed off on the Internet for most of the day, at least I feel like I have a handle on whatever this weird thing is. Bummed that I’ll probably miss Pilates and Old Craft Discussion group tonight, though. Guess I have to, as my body is clamoring for rest, or a break, or something.