Slideshow: Open Streets Minneapolis

So, the other book I’ve been working on in the sidelines is one on Urban Wicca/city magic. I haven’t read Christopher Penczak’s book yet and I’m a latecomer to the urban fantasy genre since I only really started reading fiction written since 1890 again in the last year. I have read a few books with Urban and Magic/Pagan/Voodoo in the title. Some are just about practicing magic – there’s not a whole lot of urban in it. Some, on the other hand, talk about living in the city as a vastly inferior to living-in-the-country choice. One starts off great and then goes off the rails in a way that still puzzles me. We need our farmers and our agriculture, no grudge there, but for me, the city is preferable – and done right, leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

It also is a huge opportunity to experience small-space magic and to see how a community functions above and beyond a singular religious community. The slideshow above is from a street festival that happened two blocks from my house last weekend.  I took photos of the interactions and began noticing the small rituals, art and costume that connect us to our neighbors because we share a city and care for the same geography and each other- that certainly fits with my faith practice without having anyone else having to accept what I do.

I became fascinated with the energies at play. There’s a lot of art, sport and pageantry involved in building any community. It is not conscious magic – but it is magic, an energy that builds and influences and fertilizes.