Small update

Last week my post for PNC-Minnesota on Temple of the River’s Irish Cottage House drew a lot of attention. My editor says that to date, the post has the highest traffic. This may have something to do with me submitting it to Stumbleupon. That said, it’s definitely getting some strong blog reactions. Wild Hunt opened debate about other Pagan temples in the United States. Over at Aedicula Antinoi, it prompted serious thought about what might go into building a temple. I realized from observing reactions to my post that I’m a bit of a physical-space agnostic. I vaguely remember dreaming of having a ritual room all my own; now I literally just stock a tray and work my magic in my kitchen, on my balcony or load a bag and go to the park. Perhaps because I dwell on a different wavelength from my fellow Pagans, I bear different needs when it comes to physical space. So while a lot of people are really excited about any temple, on some level I see it with a bit of concern: maintain well, and plan ahead, or all that effort is lost.

Ah, there it is. “Planning ahead” and “maintaining well” aren’t concepts that come up much in Pagan discussion, especially as they’re side effects of formal organization. There’s a trend towards a sort of mental and attitude declutter, and accomplishments like Temple of the River’s may impact that. I hope so.