So how YOU doing?

I’m just curious as to who reads this blog. So I’m declaring an open thread. Be civil, but please, tell me about yourself. Why you’re here. What from my blog stays with you so far.


  1. Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert

    I wish I had something more concrete to share. I really just started following your social media activities. I’ve been aware of your work for several years through some goddess-centric websites and communities. I look forward to reading more!

    I write pagan and nature-themed poetry, speculative fiction poetry, and the occasional article about the above or about Tarot. Currently have a novel and several short stories in progress.

    Chief of staff, Pagan Writers Community (

  2. Post

    Welcome Suzanne!

    I recently applied to write a column for paganwriters – can’t wait to hear from you about it!

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