So I shut down my Facebook account

And I’ve already gotten one freaked out email about it. This is a sign to me that Facebook has all the wrong kinds of power, although I suppose Livejournal and Myspace started all this.

I just hate Facebook. I realize that for business purposes, I’ll probably have to turn it back on. But for now, I want the damn thing off.  I get much more enjoyment out of using Twitter, where comments are taken far less personally, content usually interests me more and gets to the point, and, most importantly, MY MOTHER ISN’T ON IT. I also still like Livejournal – the people who continue to write as others migrate to Facebook generally have something to say that I want to read. By that I mean, they generally have something to say. Those with the creative capacity and genuine desire have plenty of ways to communicate with me without Facebook. You can even find me on Google!

I realize that yesterday’s LJ post seems melodramatic and some have likely dismissed it as childish. If that’s really true, I will eventually come to see it that way. For now, I’m being true to how I feel instead of cushioning for everybody else’s feelings – which, hard as it is for many to believe, is what I usually do. I know it doesn’t always sound like it given the jarring comments that come out of my mouth most of the time, but believe it or not I really do filter the majority of what I observe before communicating my assessments. It seems like people around me have formed an opinion of how things are for me without any genuine insight into how things are for me. I work hard not to make assumptions about others; God knows the secrets I’ve encountered in advocacy work have left me convinced you NEVER know the truth of any person’s life, and that all suffering is truly equal whether that’s the result of a tsunami or the torment of Midwestern family hypocrisy.

As to the concerned emails I got – I’m still on the fence about Paganicon, I have decided to seek counseling of some kind although given some aspects unique to my situation I think I expect to have a hard time finding a therapist this round, and no, I am not any more a danger to myself or others than I have ever been.

And yes, I’m still writing that damn book. I’ve come this far, no good quitting now.


  1. Lupa

    The ironic thing about all this is on the LJ feed of this blog, down at the bottom of the post there’s a “Share this on Facebook” link ;)

    As to the rest? You are experiencing what you are experiencing, and it’s not for others to judge whether those experiences are valid or not. Do what you need to do to reclaim the power that’s been taken from you and to be more whole in yourself. You are most effective when you are at your best. Prioritize that.

  2. Post

    Yeah… I’m debating whether to fix that. Just because *I* hate Facebook does not mean I intend to impose my refusal to use it on the rest of the world…
    And than you for the validation. It is truly appreciated.

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