So what do we do with any predators we find?

If there is need to pick only one rising voice about Pagan sex ethics and Pagan sexuality, it’s Shauna Aura Night. She has sex positive down and expertly calls out those who would use sex positive attitudes to use their own sexual organs as weapons with which to abuse people.

Read this guide to sex positive attitudes – and the crap people say to manipulate the sex positive into coercive situations that are NOT acts of love and pleasure: Sex, Ethics and Paganism.

She also discusses what to do in the case of finding a predatory in the community. I agree with her position on this. To summarize: when someone is a sexual predator, don’t try to fix that person. That pathology is beyond fixing. Don’t try to cover it up. To cover up evil is to take part in it. Get the law involved when you can and cut that person out of the community – and make it known loudly who you have cut out and what evidence prompted you to do so.