Some happy news

See that smiling couple there? That’s me and my long-time guy, Mike. We’re getting married this December in a Las Vegas chapel wedding. There will NOT, I assure you, be Elvis, Spock, or a drivethrough. Mike was quite insistent.

While weddings are not my favorite events in the world because I think love is the sort of thing best declared in private, I’m excited about being married to the person you see here in the picture because he’s a great guy who understands the entire story with me and still wants to stick around.

And here’s the engagement ring:

I’ve tried to keep it simple, but only because people keep requesting this info, here are some basics:

We have a wedding registry on Amazon, and along with that we’ve opened up a SmartyPig account to sock back money to fly our nearest and dearest to Las Vegas to see the wedding, and to pay for a wedding reception at an as yet undetermined location in Minnesota. We’re doing this the debt-free way, which means that things are pared down and as simple as we can make them. Absolutely nothing from our wedding is going on a credit card – why start a marriage in debt?

SmartyPig is a sort of social banking system that helps you save for large and small goals:

If you’d like to contribute either through SmartyPig or through our wedding registry, we do appreciate it and I will personally send thanks. We offer it here because so many people seem to really want this. And while the only wedding I will ever feel comfortable with is an elopement, I truly am happy to be marrying the man in the picture – and I’m happy to share this news with all of you!

My thoughts on marriage are pretty involved, especially since this is a go at it I’d really like to see stick. It will be what I hope is a happy end to a rough year – my father passed away on April 15, and the year has been brought in with illness, fear and sorrow. Along with my immediate family and Mike’s, his close friends will be there and my friend Joel will be standing in for my father during the ceremony.

I was also hoping to see a performance by Jeff McBride while I was down there, but it looks like he’s moved on from Vegas. Ah well, there’s plenty else to see and experience – and NOT on the strip!