Spring Green: the Opal Man


Spring Green hosts a series of art galleries, and while there were signs of economic struggle, ((for example, the Bargain Nook was all that remained of a former “tourist depot” spot. Sadly, the Nook is a far cry from its glory days as a secondhand charity for Land’s End.))it still boasts some unusual and new ventures. Case in point, the Opal Man.

This is no mere tourist destination. The jewelry is handmade, with a full on lapidary in the studio itself. And we aren’t talking tchatchke pricing, either. These are luxury pieces. The gorgeousness was way beyond my means, but the shop owner was super sweet, let me take pictures of some of the work, and even gave me a little koala with its own boomerang.

one of the lovely proprietors at the Opal Man

I did take a small opal home for myself. I haven’t quite decided how it’s going to become part of my life, but it will find a place and a purpose, either as a pair to the gorgeous bracelet Lisa sent me for my 35th, or as… I dunno, my own anti-diamond tiara? Left to my own devices, all my jewels end up on a choker.

I’ve named the koala Stoney.

Opal, at the Opal Man in Spring Green, WI