Strange little flashback: my moment of all-American apple pie-ness

Going through my notes, I found an adult essay on what it is to be an American that I may or may not post here. As I read it, I remembered winning an “essay contest” in elementary school where I got to read my own essay about “What it meant to be an American” at one of those programs where they make the kids all stand on risers and sing.  I wonder if schools even bother anymore?

I have no memory of what I wrote. I’m assuming it was selected because it was more lucid than what you get from the under 12 set, or, equally likely given that the entire school system ran on politics, because my mother’s DAR activities were well known. I vaguely remember saying something about freedom. I might have mentioned the importance of voting. It’s a theme with me; the Constitution was as important as the the Bible in my middle American upbringing, and the Constitution lessons stuck, because it holds up to stronger onslaughts of  logic.

It would be truly hilarious, given my conversion to Wicca, if I mentioned religious freedom in that first essay. I very probably did.