Supplies: Free Spiritual Advice I was given

Beehive and Witches, Hieronymus Bosch. Does this look like good advice to you?

Beehive and Witches, Hieronymus Bosch.
Does this look like good advice to you?

It was actually in line with the majority of spiritual thinking. It was also a load of crap.

“You don’t make time for religion on your life. You make time for your life around religion, even if that means 18 hour days.”

That is unmitigated bullshit.

1)Religion is intended to help you deal with life. If it doesn’t you are either practicing the wrong religion or, equally probable, religion isn’t meant for you. The whole going to hell if you don’t believe thing – some human being just made that up. Jesus is quite clear that he did not sign on to that. Since I am more of a “hi, disembodied thought form of a dominant religion in my culture, nice to see you, want a seat next to my Goddess statue?” you may prefer to swallow some salt tablets with this one.

2)If religion is displacing your life – even as clergy – that’s called joining a cult in the connotative sense. Don’t join a cult. Watch TV instead. Maybe take up paper mache or do some crunches while you watch.

Yes, my religion is what shapes my lifestyle. But it is not what rules my life – it just gives it a shape, a means of catching the life stuff so I can handle it. It’s not the only way to handle it, it is just what works best for me.

There’s also the “it’s only spiritual if you feel bad/feel bad for someone (and thus smug about your own position)” game. Pagans do it too. Oh, this feast is wonderful – but the starving children!” (Why is no one ever concerned about the starving adults?) “Beautiful sunset … segue to climate change…” (I was guilty of this as a teenager. One of the rare times getting yelled at was totally valid.)

Writing anything non-serious about magick is derided by the Very Serious. I’m a daily practitioner. The confusion and outrage at the stuff I produce is so illogical as to be hilarious. There is a difference, after all, between magick being silly..and magick not working.

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