Supplies: Self-care to banish monsters

monsterThere are 5 things I do when the monsters of others get pinned on me, in the interests of self-care:

  1. I talk to my therapist. I also talk to my sane makers, people I trust to call me on my culpability but who will also tell me quite clearly when I am not. I have not been culpable far more often than I have been.
  2. I take myself on a date – usually it involves a museum or a garden. I love museums and gardens.
  3. I put myself in a place where I can talk to strangers. I am betrayed by the familiar; I am never betrayed by the unfamiliar.
  4. I go to the gym. Treadmill time is a great meditation for me.
  5. I try to do kind things for the people that are consistently kind to me. It may not solve world poverty but making small lights brighter still illuminates the world.

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