Supplies: The Chorus of Woes: Real Gripes and Conversions

Theatre Royal chorus, Tamarama Beach, ca. 1938 / by Sam Hood

State Library of New South Wales – Flickr Commons Collection

The Gripes

This is a series of real gripes about my current writing projects.

I’m scared it won’t be good enough. I worry I won’t finish it on time. I am having to take Mabon way out of the Pagan religious sphere into mainstream associations and what if people get all butthurt and start wailing that it’s not Pagan enough? What if they complain that I am not Pagan enough? My publisher is a much different publisher than it used to be but way to many people have developed confirmation bias – if it’s good they’ll just ignore that it’s good and carry on as though it’s still that old publisher from the 90s. I keep running into physical issues while I’m trying to write and accomplish. It’s starting to frighten/worry me a little. What if nothing I do is enough, ever? What if my back goes out again when I’m trying to work? I try to tough it out but it is truly difficult to focus enough to write when your body has gone crazy on you. I’m also worried about balancing it against the book coming out this year. How do I do promotion for that when I am embroiled in a contract right now? How the hell do other writers manage this stuff?


1. I’m scared I won’t be good enough.

Conversion: Of course I’m good enough. They gave me the contract because I have demonstrated since 1999 that I am good enough for such a project.

2. I’m scared I won’t finish in time.

Conversion: You have expended the most effort on the heavy research part. The other stuff involves things you write all the time that come very naturally to you. You can do this. If you really are worried about being stuck, contact your editor. Remember, this time you do have a more formal editor who will likely be revising along with you.

3. What if people complain I am not Pagan enough?

Conversion: The people that complain of such things are not the arbiters of judgment that they wish to be. And a good thing, too, since that’s not a call any human being is qualified to make.

4. My publisher’s reputation …

Conversion: Has never once put them at risk of going out of business. Let them worry about it.

5. The physical issues …

Conversion: You have a therapist. Your insurance covers the best healthcare network in town. Your chiropractor/orthopedic physical therapy guy is fantastic. Keep hitting the gym, keep doing your stretches, keep taking your allergy shots and medicine. You will be fine.

6. Promoting Divorcing a Real Witch while writing other books …

Conversion: You already decided to just do a local tour. You may have to wait until later to do the workshops or put together the documentary. Because it’s a rare topic you have a lot of room to do cool things on the backlist. The world may think now! now! now! on books … but the books you buy new don’t always have copyrights from this decade. It’s one of those things that you have more time to do than you think.

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