Supplies: the Wall

Cloudy Sky

Just a shot of some clouds from my collection of textures on flickr

In the chapter on the Wall, Cameron talks about what I call the “powering through mistake.” You can’t just force yourself to finish a creative project in a two to three day go unless it’s a really short project. Even for me, a full-time writer, writing itself is not an 8 hour job. That’s about 3 hours, tops. The other five are taken up with work peripheral to writing: editing (not my forte’), finding additional writing opportunities, engaging with other writers, research and yes…reading.

Trying to scale that wall all at once will do you absolutely no good. She suggests the mantra: “I am willing to write badly” as a way of digging under it.

A few additional mantras, some taken from Cameron’s previous work and some from my own pool of tricks:

  • “That’s what second drafts are for.”
  • “One small thing.”
  • “I might as well have some fun with this.”

All have effectively urged me forward when intimidating by what loomed above me

I invite you to share your own such mantras!

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